Ashwagandha benefits for men:

As menopause in women , andropause is a phenomenon which takes place in men. Aswagandha has the potent to support the health of men when they are in the andropause stage.During this phase the male hormone ,testosterone level become imbalanced, this results in sexual dysfunction and stress.Stress may be both physical and mental. Therefore being stress free is requisite for creating a suitable environment for fertility and conception.

Key benefit of aswagandha is stress reduction. On continual usage of this herb , production of testosterone is increased considerably and that too only when boost in levels is needed. This regulatory action is very important because ,they may work on other systems and functions and which may enhance homeostasis.

Aswagandha is believed to increase the number of sperm production and also increase sperm motility. This is also said to increase the volume of semen produced.

Aswagandha is used to revitalize the balance of testosterone(reproductive hormone) in infertile men.


Ashwagandha in Kamasutra

Ashwagandha is well known for its aphrodisiac nature in traditional Indian medicine.It is been mentioned as a potent sexual stimulant in Kama Sutra. In India, many Ayurvedic aphrodisiac still contain this herb as the main ingredient. It is also used by the African tribes for the same purpose.

For men, its extracts have the ability to stimulate the production of nitric oxide in the body.As the nitric oxide level increases ,the blood vessels which carry blood to the genitals are dilated as a result of which there is an increased  level sexual desire.

With this countless benefits, its understood why people have been using this unleashed herb for ages for more fertile and sexual function.


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