Human skin is the peripheral region of the body that is frequently harmed by natural factors and additionally tension and pathetic dietary patterns. Characteristic medicines for skin that give enduring outcomes are regularly superior to costly business items and corrective methodology. One such natural aid is turmeric powder for skin.

Turmeric contains cancer preventing agents and calming parts. These attributes may provide glow and shine to the skin. Turmeric may likewise resuscitate your skin by drawing out its normal gleam.

You might need to attempt a turmeric confront cover at home to check whether the zest has any beneficial outcomes on your skin. You can mix little measures of nectar, and turmeric together and use on your face. Keep the cover on for 15 minutes and then wash it.

Benefits of Turmeric powder on skin

Indications of Aging

Utilize turmeric as a shedding operator to decrease indications of maturing. Mix organic turmeric powder and gram flour and include water or yogurt to make a glue. Apply uniformly on skin and abandon it to dry. Wash away with tepid water, delicately cleaning your face in roundabout movements.


To diminish wrinkles, make a combination of turmeric root powder, rice powder, and tomato juice to a glue. Apply it on face, leave it to dry and wash it off.
Utilize a glue produced using turmeric powder and nectar to peel skin and diminish pores.

Skin break out

To diminish abundance oil discharge from the sebaceous organ.First clean your face, then squeeze lemon to organic turmeric powder with this combination create a paste. Apply on the skin with inflammation for 15 minutes. Clean off tenderly with water.
Also you can use paste of turmeric raw powder and sandalwood powder combination on face for 10 minutes and wash off.
For oily faces, make a paste combination of sandalwood powder, turmeric powder , and squeezed orange. Apply the paste and remove it after 10 minutes, at that point flush off with water.

Stretch Marks

With combination of mix gram flour (besan) and turmeric root powder with yogurt/water , then apply it on the extend marks on your body.

Facial Hair

Gram flour can be added to organic turmeric powder to use as a facial mask for removing hair, which is insistence for hair development.

Broken Heels

With coconut oil and turmeric powder make a paste and place it on broke foot sole areas for the 15 minutes you will see the changes after.